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Hi, I'm Abigail.  I live with my wonderful fiance and our three adorable cats in a small apartment inside the DC Beltway. I've recently finished a degree in History, with an Art minor.  I am a serious oil painter, and also do a good amount of work in pastel and conte, as well as some digital art. 

More to the point, I'm a long time geek.  I started playing D&D when I was nine, and never looked back.  I co-wrote my first larp in 1995, and since then have written hundreds of pages worth of scene and world design for both tabletop and live action RPG's.  I love video games, particularly the ones by BioWare that everyone complains about because they don't cater exclusively to white, heterosexual men.  

At the moment, I'm Co-GMing a Dresden Files game and writing for Threads of Damocles, an excellent larp.  I prefer PVE to PVP structures and narrativist to gamist structures, and love world design.  I also enjoy board gaming (particularly co-operative or semi-cooperative games, although I do love Dominion) and video gaming (mostly RPG's like Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Fallout and silly stuff like Katamari)

 Finally, I'm a steadfast liberal and a vocal feminist.  That is where things get knotty, and that's what I'm here to talk about. Being a feminist in geek culture is rather like painting a bull's eye on your forehead with the words "Flame me now" written in capital Comic Sans.  What's worse, I'm a fat, non-hot, non-male fantasy inducing feminist.  That's almost worse than Comic Sans. That's me. 

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